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We are publishing our coach supervisor training material in a new format that allows the text to grow and change in parallel with the subject.

This website will facilitate the sharing and testing of ideas with a wider network of people worldwide who are interested in developing coach supervision in a professional context.

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Supervision for Coaches: a guide to thoughtful work

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When coaches look for supervision on their work they usually find a choice between business consultancy or psychotherapy based models. This book aims to create something specific to coaching, and will appeal to supervisors of business and executive coaches, life-coaches and those working in education and health.

Based on the authors' own experience and perspective, it combines practical guidance for supervisors with reflection on the underpinning 'roots' of supervision, including recent theories of adult learning. Included are sections on working with groups of coaches and working as external supervisor for internal coaches.

The book has been developed from the UK and South African supervisor training courses and professional development groups created and run by the authors and is based on their work and practice as coach supervisors. Co-authors are Hilary Cochrane, ICF Master Certified Coach and accredited coach supervisor with over fifteen years in the coaching world, and Trudi Newton TSTAE, with twenty years experience of training mentors and supervisors in education, social work and coaching.

Beautifully produced, at 200 pages in loose-leaf format, Supervision for Coaches comes, with accessories, in a specially designed binder. UK price is £29.50 + £6 p+p,

This website, linked to the book, has a discussion area for coach supervisors and further material to download.

'Trudi and Hilary offer wisdom, theory, knowledge and practice. What makes them unique is that they come directly from a training, supervising and coaching background - this book reflects their practice-based professionalism.A fantastic contribution from the coalface.'
Colin Brett, Director Coaching Development

'These authors are two of our top trainers of Coach Supervisors. Not only innovative and knowledgeable – crucially, they practice with their supervision exactly what they preach – so eloquently. Between them, they bring huge experience, quiet authority and integrity to their teaching. I can attest to their rigour and passion, having qualified as a Coach Supervisor under their inspiring tutelage. They are truly pioneers in creating excellence in our profession.'
Dr. Sunny Stout-Rostron Author of 'Business Coaching International: Transforming Individuals and Organizations'

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